Thursday, 11 August 2011

Kembang got Pain.
Your eyes hide pain and sorrow.
Maybe you keep things to yourself,
to prevent worry or concern from your friends and family.
Your tears are only seen by you and you plan to keep it that way.
The only place you cry is when you are alone.
Maybe you feel lost... or alone.
If you do feel lost or alone,
you are not the only one who feels that way.
I feel like that every day,
 because I am so misunderstood.
People may not be understanding you right now,
because you may not have them the complete story
or you are talking to the wrong people.
i know it is hard, but make them listen for once.
I did that and things were better for a while.
PS: If you feel alone, go to
You tube and type in Whispers In The Dark.
It is a song from Skillet, but it is a really good song.
It is also best if you listen to the official music video.
Tell me if you like the song please.

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